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Who's That Girl: Victoria Lord

Who's That Girl: Victoria Lord

When I was little, my namesake occupation was movie star. Now I'm sure we all have a few friends in New York, but I sat down with one girl who's on the road to lighting up broadway. Learn some audition tips, New York actor swag hangouts, and of course an average day in the life of Victoria Lord.

 What are your top five tips for acing an audition? 

Looking clean and sharp, fresh faced (unless the role calls for something different), complementary colours for both you and the camera, breathe!

In a city full of aspiring actresses, how do you stand out outside of the audition room?

I always have enjoyed meeting new people and genuinely engaging in someone else’s story. I think that is the key to not only standing out; ensure your needs don’t overpower a conversation. When you tell someone you are an actress in New York City, that genuinely means you are aspiring and are open to new opportunities where offered. If you approach a person with that need immediately, it throws them off, just like it would in any industry. I’m naturally interested in others, so I focus on establishing that relationship and rapport, before moving on to anything business.

shooting in bklyn

shooting in bklyn

What are your top New York hangouts for meeting people working in television and film?

There are certain venues in the city, like Soho House and Norwood Club that bring together creative communities. It’s always nice to be among those in your industry and to feel the creative energy around you. That said, I have met my most candid network through events – industry nights or showcases – where industry professionals and actors come together with the intention of meeting each other. The ice is inherently broken and hierarchal relationships are less imposing.

With a taste of success and several big projects underway, if you could go back to the beginning – when you first landed in New York – and tell yourself anything, what would that be? 

What an interesting question! Perhaps I would tell myself to carefully watch for those less credible in the city, “the time wasters.” I haven’t experienced too many of these people, thank goodness, but I have seen friends sign up for some empty promises which only ends in disappointment. In an industry as volatile as acting, you have to be cautious as to who is really looking out for your best interests. At the end of the day, it’s a business just like any other business. That often puts things into perspective for me.

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What’s your average day like? What do you find yourself looking forward to? 

Being an actor, you are your own entrepreneur. You have to be proactive and create your own opportunities every day. There are various outlets online that allow you to submit to projects on a daily basis, but that isn’t enough. I talk with as many people in the industry as I can and am always constantly meeting people, actively growing my network. I look forward to the auditions because they are always present a new opportunity to dive into the character and scene. When I book a new role, I look forward to seeing the dynamics of the particular cast and crew around me on set.

When call backs are few and far between, what’s your mantra?

Stay positive! You are in this for a reason – you want to make this your life, so when the going gets tough you just have to continue to think of ways to propel yourself forward and never lose momentum. It can be challenging at times but I find if you have a solid support system around you, you never lose sight of what you are trying to achieve.

So much can happen over one dinner party. What 6 industry leaders would you dream to share a meal and click glasses with one day?

I might have to include a ghost or two here…Elizabeth Banks, Jerry Bruckheimer, Quentin Tarantino, John Hughes, J.J. Abrams, Ariel Zev Emanuel.

Before the curtain rises at Irene, It's Me Irene

Before the curtain rises at Irene, It’s Me Irene

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