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Luxury Shisha Sticks by Eshish

Luxury Shisha Sticks by Eshish

We all know that smoking actual cigarettes is super bad for you. So why not give your lungs a break, and stop trying to be one of the "cool" kids. Introducing - Eshish Luxury Shisha Sticks

I tried my first Eshish cigarette out one night – the yummy watermelon flavour, and it was so good! Currently, Eshish is only available for sale in Canada through select partners, which makes it even better – cuz your girl has access to them! Each Eshish lasts for around 300 and 500 draws. For some people, that could mean a weekend or more. For others, it could be the night. Each shisha stick is disposable.

some of the yummy flavors from Eshish

some of the yummy flavors from Eshish

The Eshish cigarette emits water-based mist, which dissipates and has no odour. Eshish is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use – which is super cool!  Each Eshish shisha stick has a flavour cartridge built into it, guaranteeing a consistent flavour continuously. Blueberry, strawberry, peach, grape and apple, as well as a mint collection featuring watermelon, blueberry, tangerine, grape and banana are some of the flavors!

Other than the aluminium that makes up its shell and the lithium battery that makes it work, each shisha stick has two active ingredients: propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Both are organic compounds you already ingest every day in toothpaste, mouthwash, cosmetics, cakes, donuts and other baked goods. It has also been used in asthma inhalers and nebulisers since the 1950s. These two ingredients have the benefit of being sweet without raising blood sugar levels and do not promote tooth decay, unlike other sweeteners.

It’s important to note that Eshish is not an e-cigarette and contains  no nicotine or tobacco at all.

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In celebration of Digital Dreams Fest, Smoke & Miras and Eshish would like to give you A 2-DAY GENERAL ADMISSION WRISTBAND for the festival this weekend. (Which is already 95% sold out btw)..


All you have to do is comment below on why you deserve the ticket and I’ll be choosing the winner tomorrow before noon!

Best of luck – and keep smokin your Eshish

Photos courtesy of Eshish Canada. Follow Eshish on Facebook & Instagram.


Edm Dropz wrote:

Well if i win the tickets i will give them to the friends that cant afford due to school and plus i just want to party with the people that want to win tickets for me . If not whatever they will still enjoy it but not up and close to the real deal. Awesome giveaway hope to meet the people behind the contest!!!!

Jenna Louise Dodds wrote:

Why I think I deserve these tickets are because for the past two years I have been attending DD and veld with my friends, as it is our summer adventure plans. This year has changed because, while attending school which took most of my financial well being, my benefits for my diabetes were cut in a percentage. Which left me every month on a student budge try and afford $300-500 a month for supplies while working 2 days a week. I have recently graduated and started my career (in the last 2 weeks) which hasn't given me enough time to save for tickets. I believe that's why I deserve the tickets and hope that the traditional adventures me and my friends have every year, continue!

Princessa Topping wrote:

No one loves eshish or babylife as much as I do!

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