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Dinner Parties That Sparkle With Chef Michael Smith and Cascade Platinum

Dinner Parties That Sparkle With Chef Michael Smith and Cascade Platinum

Chef Michael Smith is one of Canada’s best-known chefs and is the host of a slew of other foodie loving shows, including Chef Michael’s Kitchen, Chef Abroad and Chef at Home. I was invited by the lovely folks at Cascade Platinum to enjoy a stunning (and delicious) dinner at one of my Toronto faves - The Chase Fish & Oyster.

I’m finding that as I age, like fine wine. Dinner party etiquette is becoming more and more of a necessity rather than an option. Now I’m not the most domestic of the bunch, but I was both pleased and thrilled to be able to learn how to a)shuck oysters, b) get some fab hosting tips,  and c) eat literally the best greek chicken ever.

The night started with a beautiful cocktail reception while shucking oysters! Its a great way to keep guests entertained while also prepping for dinner. As Smith says , “A group activity subtly reminds everyone “We’re in this together!” In terms of shucking, its important to find the sweet spot of the oyster near the muscle which actually holds the shell together. Once you get that out of the way, you top in the edge and voila! The pop should come off shell free. Also I am super guilty of pouring the extra oyster’re actually supposed to keep it in there, #shocker.

Yummy oyster set-up at the event! I maybe shucked one of these :)

Yummy oyster set-up at the event! I maybe shucked one of these 🙂

After some fun photo booth action, it was time to start the night off with some bubbly! This actually was something I didn’t think about for a dinner party, because typically you would think of champagne as more of an dessert late-night thing. BUT Smith found a really exciting way to start off the dinner party with a BANG! And when I say bang, I mean literally cutting off the top of a champagne bottle with a samurai sword. I usually find a way of breaking the bottle of prosecco when I open it anyways so I may have found my calling!

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After a brief toast from our host, we sat down for dinner. The setting was flawless, shades of aqua, grey and chocolate brown lined the table with beautiful lilies, glass accents and an even cuter addition, toy blocks! I was the little kid who would play with the candle wax at the table, so having toy blocks was such a great idea for young and old alike to fiddle with mid-conversation! Also makes for a fabulous instagram as well. #justsayin All of the glassware on the table as well as the cutlery was literally #sparklingclean also the hashtag of the night if you feel like you want to do some extra creeping. Thanks Cascade!

How stunning is this table setting!

How stunning is this table setting!

One thing which I noted is that with all of the activities, socializing and almost secret way of feeding us appetizers, I was not sitting down for dinner hungry! Such a nice feeling especially with my schedule, I’m constantly running to dinner and arriving STARVING!  The meal which was served were menu items from Chef Michael’s recipes, prepared by the AMAZING staff at The Chase. We even had beautiful wine pairings for all. You’ll be able to see the full menu in the gallery below.

Overall, it was a fabulous night, and I learned SO much about how to host my future guests. And rest assured, when I do I will be sure to use some Cascade platinum!

Follow Chef Michael Smith, Food Network Host on twitter and learn more about how to keep your dinner party #sparkling clean by following Cascade.  Follow the link here to find Michael’s dinner party tips and the recipes for all the dishes.  




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