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Dermalogica's Skin Kits

Dermalogica's Skin Kits

Isn’t it super annoying trying to pack your entire skincare regimen into little bottles when you’re travelling?! I was so happy to try out Dermalogica’s Normal/Oily Skin kit when I headed to New York for Fashion Week!

I would love to sit here and boast that my skin is super amazing and I am one of those girls who, “doesn’t even break out, even if I don’t take my make-up off at night!” You all have that one friend, #hatethem.

That’s why I was so thrilled when Dermalogica sent me this amazing skin kit for my normal/oily skin to bring with me to New York for Fashion Week. The skin kit includes a Special Cleansing Gel, (1.7 oz), a Multi-Active Toner (1.7 oz), an Active Moist moisturizer (0.75 oz), a Skin Prep Scrub (0.75 oz), a Total Eye Care (0.1 oz), a Skin Refining Masque (sample) and finally a PreCleanse (sample). It was an amazing feeling knowing that I had everything I could possibly need already packed for me.

my skin kit avec a great NYC backdrop

my skin kit avec a great NYC backdrop

So I came back from the airport, (my first time flying Porter, that’s another blog post) and I immediately needed to wash my face! I started off with the Precleanse, which contains Oilve, Apricot and Kukui Nut oil which is designed to cut through all of the make-up and oil-based debris which was already on my skin.  The product even removed most of my waterproof mascara (which I had worn in case I lost my bags) and I was really impressed by that.
After you Precleanse, then it’s time to use the Special Cleansing Gel. I have super sensitive skin so I was a bit weary trying out a new cleanser, but the Special Cleansing Gel actually has no artificial fragrances or color in it and contains Calming Balm Mint and Lavender extracts to soothe the skin.

At last my makeup was off! Honestly – the best feeling ever sometimes! I then prepped my skin for a moisturizing and toning scene with the Skin Prep Scrub. I’m not going to lie, I always somehow feel that when you exfoliate your face you’re actually cleaning it, rather than just washing it with a cleanser. There’s just something about scrubbing!  This step is super important if you want the moisturizer to actively seep into your skin, and if you do scrub too hard, the skin prep scrub contains cucumber & aloe vera to prevent over-stimulation.

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A common misunderstanding for many is that if you already have oily skin, why add more oil on top by moisturizing! Think about it THO! Your skin needs some moisture and if it gets too dry, it will produce more oil to make up for it. So by drying out your skin and not adding moisture, you’re actually making it oilier! Enter Dermalogica’s Active Moist which is a lightweight, oil-free lotion which really protected me from the cold New York winds blowing in my face! I actually gave some to my girlfriend Evelyn to use as well and she loved it.

And everyone knows, after you moisturize, YA TONE! I loved the fact that you can literally just spray the Dermalogica Multi-Active toner on your face without having to worry about cotton swabs, or spilling it everywhere. It was quick, light and refreshing, and penetrated into my skin very easily.

Finally, the last step (but also my favorite). I scream for EYE CREAM! The Total Eye Care cream which comes in the kit is perfect for soothing my tired eyes (not like I went to any Fashion Week afterparties or anything). The total eye-care cream contains  alpha-hydroxy acids  which help conceal dark circles, and retexturizes to help reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines. This was a lifesaver for me and I even made sure to slather some on before I headed out into the city for the day!

I also ended up spot-testing the Skin Refining Masque on the last day – I grew a bit of a pimple but I just dabbe on a bit of the deep cleansing clay masque and it cleared it right up!

Overall, I was so happy to try these products out as I’ve heard so much about Dermalogica and how amazing their products are.  Dermalogica even has top Dermalogica® skin centres, salons and spas in Toronto and Vancouver which I’m hoping to check out soon.

Lots of Love!

Sidenote: all of the images/products here are the full size ones, the complete Normal/Oily Skin Kit retails for $51.00 available here.


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