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The Disposable Camera Project

The Disposable Camera Project

An avid photography nerd - ( I actually know the meaning of F-Stop, other than a bar on King Street). I came across an amazing project, The DCP or Disposable Camera Project. I'm talking disposable cameras in specific locations across the world!

The Disposable Camera Project aims to democratize street photography by actually involving the people on the street. I am absolutely in love with this idea! Disposable Cameras are hidden across a city and anyone who comes across them are encouraged to take pictures.  The whole idea is to capture moments that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. LIVE IN THE PRESENT PEOPLE!

So how did it all begin? The project was developed by Michaelangelo Yambao the former Vice Executive Director of the Toronto Urban Photography Festival.  Michael felt that a big part of what the modern city represented was dynamic, unplanned, spontaneous rawness.

This quality he felt, was usually missing in many photographs (especially online), because pictures were so commonly edited, rehearsed, reshot and filtered through Instagram and similar cellphone and digital camera technologies.

Michael enlisted friend and graphic designer Mark Serrano to help with DCP, and thus started to disperse disposable cameras in carefully chosen spots around the city – instructions attached. The project gained great popularity, and sparked the interest of residents in other cities. First to come along were the other two co-founders, Paul Nuestro and Nick Hill of Vancouver (pictured in the feature image – they’re cute too!) . Since then the project has reached Montréal and Los Angeles, and soon plans to expand to many other cities worldwide. Where do the pictures end up?

Street photography showcasing people on the street BY the people on the street. Spontaneous, unplanned & unfiltered. That’s DCP.

If you’d like to learn more about the DCP, follow @FindDCP for new camera locations & clues and check them on

View some of my favorite snaps from cities across the world in the gallery below! XO M



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