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DineXDash - classic fun with young professionals

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A night out on the town can be a little tedious sometimes, and who likes getting champagne all over their fur. Enter a grown up networking event with a great crowd - girls you can talk to, guys that have a job, and overall a common love for sharing ideas and bettering yourself through socializing with young professionals.


Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

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Nuit Blanche originated in Paris, France in 2002. The idea was to attempt to bring contemporary art to the masses in public spaces. Nuit Blanche brings more than a million people to the streets of Paris every year. Toronto was the first North American city to fully replicate the Paris model duh.


The Disposable Camera Project

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An avid photography nerd - ( I actually know the meaning of F-Stop, other than a bar on King Street). I came across an amazing project, The DCP or Disposable Camera Project. I'm talking disposable cameras in specific locations across the world!


Who's That Girl: Victoria Lord

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When I was little, my namesake occupation was movie star. Now I'm sure we all have a few friends in New York, but I sat down with one girl who's on the road to lighting up broadway. Learn some audition tips, New York actor swag hangouts, and of course an average day in the life of Victoria Lord.


Toronto Bachelor Tips - To Scoop Or Not To Scoop

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Living in the city of Toronto definitely has some ups and downs. We basically had one heatwave week of summer, and the rest of the seasons change every other week. While I’m all for talking about the weather and the incessant climate change which has taken over the earth, I’d like to share with you a conversation which I had with a male bachelor friend of mine about the ups and downs of dating in Toronto as a twenty something.


GUESS Portrait Studio at TIFF

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One of the most exciting weeks of the year in Toronto is the Toronto International Film Festival. Running from September 6 - September 15th, some of the hottest stars dropped in to the GUESS Portrait Studio prior to their film premiere and I got to play #fangirl (plus check out the cute denim).


Ai Weiwei: According to What?

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Pronounced eye way-way - Ai Weiwei is a Chinese contemporary artist, active in sculpture, installation, architecture, curating, photography, film, and social, political and cultural criticism. He infuses his sculptures, photographs, and public artworks with political conviction and personal poetry, and critically examines a host of contemporary Chinese political and social issues.


Trying Out Yoga with

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I decided I would give you guys a real look at how I practice Yoga, with Samara Zelniker the founder of