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About Mira

An expert in Toronto’s lifestyle and entertainment scene, Mira is a natural communicator. With a hybrid of experience in agency communications and a degree in business from The University of Western Ontario, she is passionate about staying in the know.


The passion

Launched in August 2013, smoke and miras provides a glimpse into Mira’s favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle stories – without having to constantly send a link, update a status, or tweet something out. It’s all here.

The site is all about sharing my inspiration, helping someone find that dream product and indefinitely go about their day with a smile on their face.
MIRA SINGH heading

The path

It all began when Mira decided she was going to earn extra money in university by writing essays for some of her more inarticulate guy friends. A love for writing married to a love for entertaining her followers through various social media outlets sparked the idea of a blog which combined all into one. Cut to -­‐ 3 hipster friends
discussing ideal blog handles for each other at a café – smoke and miras was born.


The experience

Mira is a skilled writer with a strong background in media relations, event planning as well as brand marketing through social media. Her personal hobbies include fashion, travel, and urban exploring the city of Toronto.

- Mira (pictures by Lindsey Macdonald Photography)