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A New Way To McCafé

A New Way To McCafé

I never thought that I would be so addicted to making my coffee at home, but with my new Tassimo and McCafé pods it makes getting my day started so much easier. It's changed my whole routine entirely, read more!

Let’s face it, some days you just wake up and there is nothing BUT coffee that can wake you up. And for me especially when the weather starts to get cold and gloomier outside, that day is EVERY day. In the morning I can easily now create my own premium roast McCafé made with 100% Arabica beans with my Tassimo! The pods are available at major retailers and the coffee is ground and placed into easy to use single-serve Tassimo pods.

This medium-dark roast was uniquely created and custom roasted for a signature Canadian taste (woohoo!) The strictly hard beans were grown at high altitudes to allow more time for the flavor to develop. Kinda cool, no? And so much more than your typical coffee. It’s crazy that I can make this for myself at home!

Just hanging in the morning drinking some McCafé

The final recipe is then taste tested up to 74 times and fire-roasted the traditional way by master craftsmen. And believe me, the actual coffee tastes amazing!  It’s a perfectly balanced, full-bodied flavor and a rich, fragrant aroma. I just add a bit of cream and sugar and I’m out the door.

My very first cup of coffee which I brewed myself! Paired it with a yummy croissant <3

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It seriously has no mess (enter:messy french press) and virtually no clean up (just pop the pod in the garbage) and that’s it! I even have time to whip up a quick breakfast while it’s being brewed which also makes me feel pretty successful in the morning might I add!

While my coffee is brewing I still have time to whip up a quick breakfast, can you say.. multitasking!

In terms of my routine, my morning’s are truly so much easier especially now as it gets colder outside here in Canada. I’m able to have my coffee while I do my hair, do my makeup, and also save quite a bit of money. Whenever I purchase my own coffee I always end up wasting so much of it once it gets cold at the office and is sitting on my desk, so it’s nice to be able to enjoy a warm cup as soon as I get up. I even recently had some coffee as an afternoon snack with some macaroons, my guests loved it and I looked like a star 🙂

Eating some yummy macaroons with my McCafe!

Eating some yummy macaroons with my McCafé!

How do you guys get your coffee in the morning? I totally recommend you try getting a Tassimo and you will not regret it! It makes everything so much easier, tastes amazing, doesn’t break the bank and is now a staple of my at-home routine!

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